On kids

I like kids. A lot. I think the best part about them is their innocence. They accept everybody. They have to be told who they should and shouldn’t like. And that’s the same no matter where you are. Kids are the same in Iowa, in Nashville and Haiti. Kids are kids. And it’s awesome. Oh sure, they can drive you crazy, too, but I love it. One of my favorite parts of being here is the sheer amount of kids. Just yesterday I played an impromptu soccer game with an empty plastic bottle, played the hand slap game, failed miserably at a two-person syncopated clapping and just walked around holding hands with them. Kids don’t care. They just want to be loved. And it’s awesome. I love these kids. And I hope one day I’ll have a chance to have one of my own.

I think the second question I have been asking wrong is what should I be doing? The right one, I believe, is where should I be to further God’s kingdom the most. Wether that is in Nashville, Iowa, Haiti or Utah, I should feel prepared to be where God needs me. Not going to lie. This is scary. Most of my marketable skills are only marketable in Nashville. I have worked in the entertainment industry for a while and that’s where I’m comfortable. Oh, sure, I have a lot of skills in other areas but I’m self taught. Most people aren’t looking for that. Though I know that if I’m trusting Him, He’ll make things abundant. And I know some of you will point out that I only lasted 9 months in Richmond before moving back to Nashville. The difference is that I knew Richmond was a short time deal. It was never going to be permanent. It served a purpose and I was thankful for it but the time was done. I did meet some great people there and I will am thankful for that time in my life. That being said, leaving Nashville isn’t easy. My parents live there. My brother lives there with my nephew and my unborn niece. I have a lot of friends there and a church I absolutely love. But if He needs me elsewhere, I want to be prepared to go.

This has been a slow week. Today is Wednesday and there wasn’t work for me to do yesterday or today. I am hoping that changes soon. They are supposed to be ordering paint. Those that know me well know I can be a bit of a workaholic so the down time is probably good for me, but it is difficult at the same time. I’ve been reading a lot of books and a lot of the Bible and playing with kids and writing to you lovely few that read my ramblings. Speaking of books, I’m running out of them. If anyone would like to bless me with some iTunes money to buy more, I’d be grateful. Just text/email me the code. You all are awesome. Thanks! Now I’m off. Going to have pizza here tonight. I’m excited.

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