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My web girl, Amanda, has created an “about me” section for the blog. She told me to write a bio. Have you ever tried writing a bio about yourself?  It’s a lot harder than it sounds. I mean, really hard. There’s a fine line between giving pertinent information and being that guy who won’t shut up about himself. So we are going to do Bullet Point Bio. If anyone reading this wants to actually write a story from this, I will send you a shiny new pen I got free from work.  I can’t autograph the pen, but I can use it to sign something before I ship it. Which I think is pretty much the same thing. Ok. Here goes nothing!


Born December 8, 1979


200-and-none-of-your-business pounds

Sandy blonde hair

Wears glasses

Eagle Scout

Spiritual gift is acts of service (kinda makes sense, doesn’t it?)

Apple nerd

Well, nerd in general

Multiple mission trips to Haiti


I like long walks on the beach and wait… This isn’t my online dating bio.  Never mind.

A little OCD. But not dysfunctional about it

Two parents. One brother. A nephew that is way too freaking adorable.

I love kids. They’re the best

From Iowa originally. Go Hawkeyes.

I drive a Grand Cherokee I am slowly rebuilding. I like working on it. Most of the time.

I generally enjoy working with my hands

I love the show Big Bang Theory and tend to get most of the really geeky comments

If my mom’s cheesy corn isn’t on God’s harvest table, He and I may need to have a talk

I’m a tad awkward a lot of the time

I consider the spork one of man’s greatest inventions


Ok, that should do it. Thanks for reading. Thanks for supporting me. I love all of you. God bless!

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One thought on “About Me

  1. Mom

    I love you
    I’m proud of you

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