Figuring it all out

Let’s start out this evening’s writing with some happy news. Jacmel has a pizza place. And it’s really good. Maybe it’s because it’s pizza in Jacmel, but I was so happy I nearly cried. On a whim, I rode with the team (there’s a small team in from South Carolina) when they went back to the hotel for the night, as I knew Ensalmo, the tap-tap driver, would be coming back to Marne Oje to park for the night. He had to run into Jacmel to make a delivery so I hangout with the team for the 10 minutes or so until he came back through. Bernard, the hotel owner had ordered pizza and ordered a second one to share with the team. He gave me a slice and it made me so happy. It really is the little things. I talked to Jean-Marie and he knows where it is, so I’ll be ale to partake in this again.

Ok, personally, I’ve been having a difficult time on the trip so far. Not 100% sure why. Just an uneasy feeling. Tonight I think I started figuring it out. Anyone that knows me knows I’m a private person. I like my quiet. I don’t typically like idle chit-chat. I don’t usually speak unless I feel it adds to things. Even at parties there will be some point of the night where I just need to find a corner where no one is and just be quiet. That is impossible with this many people in the house at all times. Especially when the kids always want to see what I am doing. It’s been hard for me to just get some quiet time. I think, whenever weather cooperates, I will spend some time on the roof just looking at stars. I am hoping that will help. Lord knows I need it.

Work-wise, nothing terribly exciting. It appears a lot of my time will be spent reprinting what I did a couple years ago. The water-based paint that was used didn’t hold up. That was evident then, and I said something but that was what they had. They are ale to get a latex-based paint so I will be scraping off the loose paint and repainting. So far I have done 2 closets. Those had to be done first as the closets were getting doors. The closets had been simply concrete frame-outs of closets. Now, they got wood faces and doors. They look good. The kids will be able to use them. Also, I got a night stand that I can place my glasses on which makes me happy. I was so scared placing them on my duffel bag on the floor. The last thing I needed was to break another pair here. Those of you who have been following for a while will know that was an adventure in 2010. I also brought a chair in the room for me to use. It’s starting to feel a little more like home now. I am heading to bed in considerably higher spirits than I was in earlier. I guess that’s why it’s called comfort food. I’d like to give a quick shout-out before I sign off. Sue Mohr has been texting me encouragement every day, without fail. She’s an awesome prayer warrior to have on your side. Blessed by your support, Sue.

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One thought on “Figuring it all out

  1. kholeton

    You’re like me, in that you need some alone time, now & then. Love you

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