When I read the Bible, I tend to have questions. But my questions are probably different than most. For example, right now I am reading through the Gospels. I want to know what happened to Barabas after his life was spared for Jesus’. Did he continue on his destructive path and eventually get killed later? Or did he recognize his life was spared so God’s salvation could come to fruition and live a holy life from there? Also, what happened to Judas Iscariot, eternally? Could God blame him for turning over Jesus knowing that someone had to do it to fulfill scripture? One might think he was given a hero’s welcome into Heaven. He had the stones to make sure prophecy was fulfilled. And were the seven “demons” drive out of Mary Magdalene really just STDs? She was a prostitute after all. I suppose these are the things that we get to find out in Heaven because we can never know this side of it. But I wonder just the same.

Today marks three weeks here. I was actually a little taken aback its been that long. I guess I’m starting to get into a rhythm. Today I got to do some work. There is a community soccer field and I helped clear rocks and garbage off of it. Felt good to get out and sweat. It’s definitely a little bit different than two years ago, when the work that needed done was quite a bit more obvious. This time, I am just trying to do what they need to have done. There’s definitely progress. The fact that I’ve had running water every day has been nothing short of miraculous to me. It’s exciting to see how everything moves forward. God is definitely good.

One last thing before I finish here. I have a slight confession. One of my favorite pastimes, is whenever I see a white person I don’t know, I yell out “Blanc!” Blanc is the word Haitians use for foreigners. It literally means “white” but really gets used for anyone who isn’t Haitian. Anyway, it’s great fun when they turn to see who said it, and they do a double-take when it’s the whitest guy they’ve ever seen saying it. I have a weird sense of humor.

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