Painting. Always painting.

*This blog was written 04/30

Well, I had internet earlier.  And it was glorious.  But, alas, the hamster needed a break, so it’s back to blogging into Pages for upload later.  At least I got the previous blogs up.  I hadn’t been able to upload any for a week.

This morning, Fedony had to go get me more paint, as I was completely out.  I asked him to just pick me up in the tap tap and I would go with him.  I wanted to see a few things.  Mainly, I wanted to look at their brushes and rollers.  Lo and behold, they had rollers designed for rough surfaces, like concrete.  I had him pick up a couple.  They work fantastic.  We are about 1/3 of the way through the first coat on the white.  Have the kitchen and 2 bedrooms done.  Have a third bedroom partly done, then have to do the dining room and the living room.  Those are the two biggest rooms,  It goes fairly well.  I just put my headphones in, put iTunes on shuffle, and paint.  I definitely need to move to just one other person.  I had Patrico, Soson, and two kids helping today.  Got way crowded!  One of the kids, Steven, kept singing “we will, we will rock you” all day long.  Thank-you Christen Cole! (she taught them that and “All You Need is Love” when she was here.)  It was actually pretty funny.  I let him listen to the Queen version.  He loved it.  He listened to a couple other Queen songs, too.  Bicycle Race, Fat Bottom Girls and Bohemian Rhapsody.  He didn’t like Bohemian Rhapsody.  There’s no accounting for taste.

In other ministry news, another team was added.  Victoria, from team 4 is coming back June 7 to have a 4 day women’s ministry.  Will be great to see her again, and she’s bringing 4 other women.  Little Nick is coming back May 14.  I think I will have him focus on helping the Calebs as much as possible.  If I need some help, I will grab him.  But I think (I know, I should stick to what I excel at….) that I just have painting, then plumbing, then clean up and done.  And I have 8 weeks to accomplish that (I actually will be home 8 weeks from today).  So I think that’s doable.  I will grab a couple people those last two weeks that have been here before (and thus doesn’t need to see the feeding program, et al-maybe I’ll get Bishop Tyler to do some real work now that there is no video crew) and have them help me clean and prepare for them to move in.  Ok.  Off to fall asleep!  I have a runny nose from breathing in all the dust that’s in the house.  Hoping my weekend will clear that up.  God bless everyone!

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