Happy Star Wars Day

Well first of all, you might notice this post didn’t start with “*This blog was written…” That’s because this blog is occurring in real time. I am very excited about this. The internet is working well again. I ended up having to do some resets on the wireless routers, but all is good now.

There isn’t much new and exciting to report. This is the mundane part of the job. I wake up around 6:30, eat breakfast, arrive at the church around 8, and start painting. I usually end about 3:30-4, with a 20 minute or so break for lunch. Then back to the hotel for dinner (sometimes ate here, sometimes I go out. Lewis’ barbecue sees me a couple times each week.) Then I watch a movie on my laptop and check things out online. See how bad my Royals lost, check the news, facebook, etc. Thank God for internet. it allows me to stay connected and not go crazy.

Ok, so I suppose there is ONE piece of semi-interesting news. I now have a motor scooter to drive around. When Big Nick from Forward Edge left, I asked what the plan was for his bike. A deal was struck, and now I no longer have to pay for taxis! This is especially cool because I have thought about getting a motorcycle when I can afford one, so I am getting to learn to drive on some of the worst roads imaginable. Driving on nice concrete in the States should be a cinch after this!

Ok, time for a movie. Since it’s Unofficial Star Wars Day (may the fourth…) I am gonna watch Episode IV. Yep, I’m a geek. And I’m ok with it.

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One thought on “Happy Star Wars Day

  1. Kathy Holeton

    How coincidental – I watched Starwars IV today also. Love you!

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