I learn something new every day

*This blog was posted 04/29

I learned something today, it might seem silly, but definitely monumental for me. You see, one day I would like to build a house. From ground up. I have most of the skill to do so. I would pay to have the concrete done right, and finishing the drywall (I simply don’t have the patience and the people that do it, do it fast.) But when I paint said house, I will NOT brush or roll it. I will pay the money to get a sprayer. I have painted 2 coats on the outside of Pastor Rodrigue’s house, and am working on the inside. Half of coat one is done. And this is just the primer/base white coat. I get to do 1-2 coats of color after (also get to mix my own colors….they don’t do it at the hardware store here.) I already wasn’t a huge fan of painting, but this seals the deal. Of course, it doesn’t help the materials here are not up to standards. The paint is pretty thin, and not consistent between cans. The only rollers that Fedony can find are long-knap. The combination just throws paint everywhere. It was acceptable outside, but I won’t use it inside. I am just brushing everything. I am going with him to the hardware store in the morning to get more paint. I will look to see what they have. I also have 2 helpers painting. Patrico does a fairly good job. Just have to really explain what I want. Soson is very careless. He just lets paint go wherever. Plus doesn’t cover very well. I have to go back over his areas and repaint. I asked Pastor to not send him anymore. Seems a little mean, I realize, but it’s creating more work, and I am not staying here forever.

On happier news, I stopped in to say hi to Rodrigue at the hotel before I went out for dinner tonight, and he told me they just added hamburgers/cheeseburgers to the menu at the hotel restaurant and asked if I wanted the first burger. Of course, I did. It was awesome. Not the best burger I’ve ever had, but definitely tasty. Even better, since I was willing to try their first attempt, he said dinner was on him! Thank you, Rodrigue! I sat and ate with him, and we talked for a while. Talked about God, about life, about love. It was kinda funny. About every single girl in Tennessee that he knows, he asked if I wanted them to be my girlfriend. Good times, indeed. I wrapped up my evening by watching The Dark Knight on my laptop. Thankful I ripped some dvd’s to my laptop to keep me entertained. Internet in the entire city of Jacmel is a no-go right now. Apparently, the hamster on the wheel that runs it died. Thankfully, my cell phone package for Haiti allows for cheap internet usage, so I can check emails/facebook. If I couldn’t stay connected, I’d likely go crazy (crazier? You be the judge…) Ok, friends. Good night!

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