The hamster lives!

*This post was written 04/25

I have long said the world had four great inventions. Those were, in no particular order, the computer, the wheel, air conditioning, and the spork. Well, I am ready to add a 5th item to that Mt Rushmore of ingenuity: fabric softener/drier sheets. I have realized it’s vast contribution to society when i started going without it. My towel here is not fluffy soft. And don’t even get me started about the underwear. Believe me, I have thought long and hard about this. I almost went with eyeglasses, as I know how important they are, (especially since mine broke today) but we’re going with fabric softener. Here’s to no chaffing!

Ok, so it’s been an interesting couple of days. Starting tomorrow I will be heading back into Jacmel proper to resume staying at the Loving Light. There are a couple reasons behind this. First of all, when the electricity goes off at Gerard’s house, and I don’t even have a fan blowing on me, it’s so humid, I can’t breathe, and that means I can’t sleep. I had 3 straight nights of between 3 and 4 hours of sleep (and not straight. I would sleep for a couple hours, then wake up, then fall back asleep for an hour or 2 later on). Combine that with the fact I was outside all day working, it was making me ill. The other reason is Little Nick from Forward Edge (Teams 1-3 remember him) is coming back down here, and we are going to split the room. Splitting the room with him will cost me the same as I am paying to stay at Gerard’s ($500 US/month) for all the same services, except for dinner. But seeing as I wanted to try some of the local eateries in Jacmel, that’s fine. Plus I get a real shower and toilet. Don’t underestimate the importance in that. Plus the aforementioned air conditioning.

Saturday I hung out with Caleb and Caleb. They started a feeding program over by their place. I saw what they were doing there. We talked about how Nick and I might be able to help. We’re going to build them some benches and a semi-permanent set-up for their tarp. Conduit, I believe, is providing them some real plates and spoons so they don’t have to keep using throw away stuff. Always awesome to see God working. Caleb, Caleb and I went to a resort on the outskirts of Jacmel for lunch. It was supposedly the nicest restaurant in the area. The food wasn’t bad, but way, way overpriced. They were out of anything affordable. I went ahead and splurged for a steak. A little tough, but tasty. Though Blanc Caleb said he knows of a better steak for less money in Jacmel. Next time. The resort overlooked the ocean, so we had a beautiful view while eating. Plus the owner had a mastiff puppy (I say pup…it was 6 months old but already stood nearly 3 foot tall and weighed over 100 pounds). Like mst big dogs, it thinks it’s a lap dog. Very affectionate.

Ok, as you undoubtedly read, my glasses broke today. I woke up at about 6, reached over, grabbed them, and only half of them came. One of the guys at the church attempted to weld them. Didn’t take. Am making the trek into Port Au Prince tomorrow to visit a jewelry repair person. Though I am believing that I will wake up tomorrow and simply be able to see fine. I have been going around sans glasses today, and while it has been a little bit of a struggle, my eyes have not hurt at all, and to me, that’s a small miracle in and of itself. I have been wearing glasses since I was 3 years old, and am pretty much legally blind sans them. My eyes typically get very sore if I have to focus for a while without them on, but no issues today. Praise God! I even managed to shave today without glasses and without cutting up my face. I know some of you were hoping to see me come back with the Grizzly Adams beard, but i just can’t do it. Too hot here. Ok, friends. I am off for the night. I look forward to reports of being able to see tomorrow!

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