Did you say “Abe Lincoln?”

*This blog was written 04/27 It’s a little ironic (don’t you think?) I am now in the hotel, and would like to think that I can just post blogs normally. However, their modem shot craps, so until they get a new one, I must resort to posting the way I have been. I am thankful to be able to be here. I slept about 10 hours last night (the first night I was here) and it was so incredible to sleep well again. I also can see again. Alas, no John 9:25 miracle. Rodrigue (from the hotel) knew a guy that might be able to help. He had some frames that *almost* fit. They will work for the time being, until I can get back to the US and see an optometrist. I was attempting to just go without, but painting today blind proved to be a chore. So unless Pastor Rodrigue wants a Jackson Pollack knockoff, I spent the $60 US and tok the glasses. While I truly believe God can do miracles (He still can….I could wake up tomorrow morning and be perfectly fine…in that case, I will donate the glasses), I know I am down here to minister through work. And if i cannot see, I cannot do my best work. That is not fair to the ministry I am here to serve. When I get back to the US, as soon as I can scrounge some money, I will go see an optometrist. If you’d like to help, send your love gifts to…..sorry, was channelling my inner-televangelist. Actually, if you DO want to help offset the cost of any of it, send me a message. It would be appreciated. I definitely didn’t expect to have to buy glasses here. At least with these I know they are the correct prescription, unlike the place in Port Au Prince that wanted to “guess.” That definitely wasn’t going to work. Ok, work update. The outside is all painted with the base coats. Solid white. Will do a color coat soon. Next is the inside. I’m a little nervous about the inside, as the paint is very thin, and the brushes and rollers are terrible. I don’t want to splatter all over the nice new tile. I wanted to paint it first, but they had to tile while they had workers, so I understand. I understand from Fedony that the color, inside and out, will be a pinkish color. We have to mix it ourselves. Could be interesting. I have never mixed paint. Not including watercolors in elementary school. Not the same. Similar concept, yes. But not the same. I am thankful for my dad’s encouragement through the last couple days. With everything going on, I had a moment of real frustration. I was tired, sick, and blind. He encouraged me to keep going and not let things get to me. Ok, I am off to bed. One last thing. Forward Edge has had a motor scooter for their team member who has been stationed here long term. He is leaving in a couple weeks, and I was told that they were thinking about donating it to the church. I put in a request to be passed along to the head of their ministry that I would appreciate use of it until I leave, then I would hand it over to the church. It would be easier for me to get around than paying for taxis all the time. Taxis aren’t terribly expensive, but saving any money I can would be great. Praying for favor there. Ok, friends. Good night!

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