A plea

Quite often, when I write these posts, they end up different than I plan when I start putting fingers to keyboard.  This time, it’s changing before I even begin typing.  You see, this post was originally to tell people I was done.  That I couldn’t do it any more.  I was quitting ministry.  Allow me to explain.  Recently, I have felt emotionally drained.  Beat down.  Exhausted.  It’s been a frustrating process to fund raise.  I have had too many people say they were going to help and never do.  I have had a lot of people blow off meetings with me.  They stop returning calls and texts.  They question whether I actually heard God (as if Satan would tell me to go help a bunch of orphans and homeless….)  And yes, I was getting fed up.  To be honest, I had felt taken advantage of.  So many of these people I had dropped what I was doing to help them out with anything they needed and it pained me that they weren’t willing to help out when I finally needed it.  Now, I never did anything expecting to be “paid back’ but it still hurt when it didn’t happen.  Thankfully, I have a pastor who wouldn’t let me quit.  He encouraged me, like he’s done before, to keep fighting.  So, fight I will.  That doesn’t change the need, so here it is.  I am only 10% of what I need monthly coming in.  If I cut back to the “bare minimum” That can upped to 12.5%.  I have a ways to go.  I am imploring any of you that reads this to donate in any way you can.  If you can’t help out monthly, I appreciate anything you can do.  Any donation is helpful.  Maybe if you’re in a small group at your church, the entire group would come together?  I’d also love it if you can spread the word.  Share this with any of your friends.  Share with them my website.  Or give them my phone number (615-210-8657).  I’d love to talk to them.  Does your church have a mission budget?  I’d love to talk to someone.  Know other ways to raise support?  Let’s hear ’em.  I still feel strongly this is what I’m supposed to do.  And while I have full faith in God, I simply can’t do this without partnering from people.  The great thing is, according to the Bible, those who stay home receive the same blessings as those who go (1 Samuel 30:24b).  Thank-you all who are willing and able to partner with me on this.  God bless!

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