12 weeks and counting?

Greetings everyone!  Things are moving forward.  I have enough in my account to purchase plane tickets and I should be doing so soon.  I have emailed the pastors in Haiti today to try and lock down some dates.  I’m getting excited.  I still have a ways to go financially but am trusting God to take care of that.  I went home to Iowa a couple weeks ago and picked up 2 one-time sponsors, got 4 people to agree to monthly support (though they are praying on how much) and another 8 that are praying about support.  Things keep progressing.  One of my coworkers at Provident just signed up for support.  Very thankful for everyone who partners with me on the journey.  I couldn’t do it without each of you!

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One thought on “12 weeks and counting?

  1. You are awesome ben! God will provide brotha! 🙂

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