Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz

Ok, everyone. Pop quiz. What’s the difference between a normal outhouse and a nice one? Trick question. The answer is pretty much nothing. I realized this yesterday when I was using one. In a span of about 5 seconds, I thought “Wow, this is a nice outhouse!” and immediately followed with, “but I’m still doing my business on a concrete perch and there are chickens outside.” Gotta love mission trips.

So I know I haven’t posted for a few days. I am writing this on April 20 in the afternoon. The internet was down my last few days at the hotel. Like completely down, not just slow like the first couple weeks. I think the hamster that ran it had died and they hadn’t found a replacement rodent yet. You might notice the date on the post is NOT April 20, but (insert date here), as I am no longer staying at the hotel, but am bunking across the street from the church at Girard’s house. Girard drives one of the tap-taps (those of you who know Joy O’Keefe can ask her about her song about him, sung to the tune of “Tomorrow,” from Annie). I am writing this on my laptop and will simply copy and paste into WordPress/Facebook as soon as I get to be online. This way I don’t have to trust my memory. Can I get a witness from the congregation?

So team 4 was a rousing success. Finished the bunk beds. I took Darren and Videographer Brian on a tour of the house so we could talk about what Conduit is doing. Brian even videoed me talking about it. I’d like to say the camera loves me, but we all know better. However, at least what we were discussing was right up my alley, so I at least sounded like I knew what I was talking about.

Started painting the outside of the church last week. I will be finishing this project next week. It’s a long process. I had assistants last week. While I was climbing ladders, Mandy and Sharon from the team were filling rollers and brushes for me. Made it work a lot better. Speaking of those two girls, I had a fantastic time getting to know them. Sharon and I have have extremely similar tastes in music. They made the time go very fast. One of the fun parts about these trips are all the people who have joined us who aren’t members of New River or Conduit Churches. God is doing mighty things bringing all of us together.

As you might have gathered, team 4 has, in fact, left. And I am not at the hotel. This is when the “real mission trip” starts for me, I think. I am not surrounded by “blanc” people, just people from the church. I am working diligently on learning Creole. I no longer get a shower, just a bucket and a cup. And as previously mentioned, no toilet. And electricity is on from 6 PM to midnight. But God is good. I still have it better than a lot of Haitians. Lastly, I want to share with you something I have done on every single trip to Port Au Prince. When I get to the top of the mountain, I put on U2’s “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” album. There is nothing like looking down at God’s Creation while listening to “Beautiful Day.” The bridge gets me every time:

See the world in green and blue

See China right in front of you

See the canyons broken by cloud

See the tuna fleets clearing the sea out

See the Bedouin fires by night

See the oil fields at first light

See the bird with the leaf in her mouth

After the flood all the colors came out

It was a beautiful day

I love this description of what God does. Everywhere we look, it’s a beautiful day, as long as we know where to look!

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