I can’t think of a clever title

Hello everybody! This week has been going great! This week I have been doing what I really felt called to do. I helped cut wood for bunk beds and today (Thursday) I started painting Pastor Rodrigue’s house. It’s funny, because I normally do not like painting, but I found myself enjoying it. God has really been on me to just serve, and I am taking joy in doing exactly that. I get to paint again tomorrow, and couldn’t be more excited. I have helpers, too. We have some people painting down low, and I am on a ladder. Sharon and Mandy on this team have been great help while painting. They get paint on my brushes and roller so I can just keep going. Sharon refers to me as Dr Ben and they are like my nurses. It’s fun. Makes the day go by faster.

This week, I am rooming with Darren. Should be rooming with David Whetstone, too, but he has yet to sleep at the hotel. He spent a couple weeks down here immediately after the quake and has been out visiting people and just staying there. I am kinda ok with it, as it gives me more room. Speaking of rooms, this week I have had hot showers! Have not had them previously. I feel almost spoiled. Am very thankful to God for them. Also, I will definitely need to stay here starting next week. The hotel has made a generous offer on room rates for me. Please consider donating to my trip to help offset those additional costs. God, as well as all of you, has been so faithful in providing the money I’ve needed for this trip so far, and I see no reason why He won’t continue. There are no more teams after this Sunday until June 12, so I will be here solo until then. Pastor Rodrigue is going to help me with my Creole and I with his English, so between that and work, I should stay plenty busy.

Today, I also got to play catch with a 2 year old named Felix. We played for about 30 minutes. What made that amazing, was he was throwing strikes from about 25 feet, and doing it left-handed! I was way impressed. Hopefully he can do something with that talent. The opportunities are hard in Haiti. I will definintely pray for him

I also have an update on my grandpa. He can’t have the heart surgery yet, because his teeth are so bad. Most infections occur via the mouth, and his teeth are so bad, the risk of infection goes up exponentially. So the surgeon has ordered his teeth removed before they can fix his heart. It will be minimum of three weeks before they can do heart surgery, so please continue to pray.

Ok, I am off to sleep. Goodnight, everyone!

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One thought on “I can’t think of a clever title

  1. Kathy Holeton

    You make me smile. I love reading your blogs, so thanks.

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