Sick today

Hey everyone.  Sorry I have been slow posting.  And since I am here sick, I am making up for it.  I made the trek to Port Au Prince on Saturday to drop Team 1 off and pick up Team 2.  Got there around 9:45 to drop Team 1 off.  Team 2 was scheduled to land at 2:30.  Of course, they were delayed an hour .  But at least they all made it!  So at 3:30 when they landed, I went into the PAP Airport to find the team and coordinate luggage retrieval.  My translator, Walter, told me to go in by myself, and come get him if I needed him.  I was a little nervous about going in alone, but we made it out ok.  A fun surprise was seeing my friend, Melanie Colson, and her daughter Amanda.  They were arriving with a different group, just on the same flight.  I joked with her that we live in the same city, and it’s in haiti we run into each other.

Sunday was Easter.  Went to church here in Haiti.  Got asked to take a look at the sound system, as the levels were way off (I agree…).  Got things sounding better.  But it was definitely interesting, as their sound booth is next to the stage, so in order to hear, I had to keep running around the back of the building to the front to hear levels and adjust accordingly.  Made it through ok.  After church, we had an Easter dinner consisting of hot dogs.  Jealous, aren’t you?  After lunch, we loaded in Tap-taps and drove to the beach where some church members were baptized.  So awesome to be able to join them in their special day.  Easter.  The ocean.  It was about perfect!

Yesterday, we started working on the temporary school.  It was frustrating, to say the least.  As you may have remembered from the last post, Pastor and I had worked out how to do it.  Would have been inexpensive and taken 5-6 hours, tops.  However, the plan changed (unbeknownst to me, but knownst to Pastor) that we were now building it with a framed floor (filled with rocks), they had hired a Haitian crew to oversee it, and the price went way, way up.  Plus, we weren’t done by the end of the day.  During the day, I started feeling kinda lousy.  It was a stomach ailment.  I rested more than usual, but made it through.  I didn’t eat lunch or dinner yesterday while trying to get past it.  Just had some Sprite last night.  Woke up today feeling much better.  Still went with a light breakfast, just to make sure, and on the tap-tap to the job site, I just started feeling worse and worse.  I laid down at the site under some shade and gave direction when I could, but eventually had to come back here.  Took a motor bike, and Pastor had him stop at a pharmacy to pick up some antacid powder.  Hopefully it’ll do the trick.  Also got some 7 Up.

Giving you a quick update on the house we built for Pastor Rodrigue, the Haitian pastor at the church here.  It still needs considerable work. That got started on by half the team yesterday.  The issue is, this is where I am supposed to stay.  It still needs some concrete poured, the walls painted, tile laid, etc.  I am asking for prayer that it gets finished by May 1 (there are no Conduit teams here in May, so I can’t just crash in someone’s room at the hotel like I am right now) and am asking for donations (made through Conduit) as a contingency plan in case I need to rent a room at the hotel.  I will definitely get that house livable in May.

Also want to give a shout-out to Darren and the entire Conduit church team for the church officially launching, and also to my family at Family Room Franklin.  I got to skype in and say hi to them last night.  Saw J, Geronimo, Chris, Audj, Travis, and a surprise guest in Bria.  I miss you guys.  Love all of you.

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