End of Week 1

Hey everybody!  So to catch you up on the last couple days.  Yesterday, I went with Pastor Lafleur to a site where we are going to put up temporary shelter for a school.  They currently aren’t able to meet, so we are going to put up tarps so they CAN meet.  We marked out the area.  There will be plenty of room, so I texted Theresa to get the supplies set up that we needed.  After that we went to the church, where I grabbed a plate of food and hopped on a tap-tap (a tap-tap is a truck with a cage to keep people from falling out the back.  it’s one of the 2 primary Haitian taxis.  It’s called a tap-tap, because when every one is in, you tap twice on the roof so they know to go).  I was the last one on and ended up sitting on top of the cage, holding on with one hand and eating with the other (sorry, Mom…).  Crazy times, indeed.  Anyway, we then went to a couple of tent cities.  The feeling was a) sorrow for them, and b) a feeling of intrusion, as we basically walked through their houses and did nothing else.  There needs to be a better way to do that.  I agree that it’s important we see them, but not in that way.  After that, we went and visited the home of a Haitian we met named Caleb (we were introduced to him by Caleb Thomas, with Mentor Leaders, on the ground already).  We sat and met his family, and just talked and enjoyed our time together.

Today was “fun day” for team 1.  A bunch of us went to a place called Baisson Bleu.  This is a series of waterfalls in the mountains.  And let me say it was GORGEOUS!  We jumped off the falls, swam, and had a great time.  Then we headed to the beach for lunch and more swimming.  So yeah, an awesome day.  We wrapped it up by heading to a church service.  Jemica, the little girl I sponsor, saw me, squealed “Ben” and ran up to me.  Kinda made me wish I had my own kid(s).  Especially when she told me (I had it translated) that she wished that “she could go home with me.”  I had to tell her no, of course, but she was thrilled when I said I was staying here for 3 months!  I also realize that since she talks (A LOT!!!) now I need to learn Creole, if nothing else, to be able to understand her more.  After the service, we had a goodbye dinner for Team 1.  We all got gifts from the staff at the church.  I got a necklace with the Haiti flag looking like a heart.  I absolutely love it.

Ok, well, that wraps up the first week.  Thirteen to go.  Getting up early to take the first team to Port Au Prince and pick the second team up.  Goodnight, everyone!

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3 thoughts on “End of Week 1

  1. Kathy Holeton

    You can say sorry now, but…..DON’T do it again! I want you home in one piece! LOVE YOU

  2. Kathy holeton

    You can say sorry now, but…. DON’T do it again. I want you back in one piece please:). Love you!

  3. amanda taylor

    Ben I’m loving your blogs. Thanks so much for keeping us updated. The story about the girl you sponsered is so touching. I hope you can learn to speak to her in her own language 🙂

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