So, what’s next?

Hello friends.  Sorry I haven’t posted recently.  Things have been very hectic.  I returned from Haiti in November.  While I certainly do miss it, it’s been good to be back.  Although I wasn’t so sure at first.  You see, when I left Haiti, I was used to 90 degree temperatures every day.  I stepped off the plane in Nashville and it was 37.  I wanted them to turn around and take me back!  Too cold!

Since my return, everyone wants to know what I intended to do next.  Originally, I was hoping to spend some time in Africa and/or India this year.  unfortunately, finances have dictated those are on indefinite hold.  I needed somewhere around $1500/month raised and raised $350/month.  I was able to add in some one-time donations to get the numbers up to $800/month. but still had to dip into savings to go to Haiti.  But, as God tends to do, He provided me a fantastic new opportunity to serve.  I happened to be going through Craigslist in SE Iowa, where I grew up and saw an ad for a church plant that needed some help.  I met the pastor over Thanksgiving, we chatted and have continued to do so for the last month and I will be returning to Iowa to assist Journey Church ( as they launch their church.  I am excited for this new challenge.  I will be assisting mainly with technology and missions, but, for anyone who’s helped plant a church before, you know that you end up helping with whatever needs to be done.  I’ve been in a church plant before, and am excited about getting to do it again.  The job presents its challenges, of course.  Des Moines County, IA is 75% unchurched.  This is a huge mission field.  But I’m ready for the work.  The other thing about church plants is they have no budgets.  So I could only do this if I found “real work.”  Thankfully, God provided there and i was able to secure a job at the local newspaper to pay the bills.  The HawkEye is Iowa’s oldest newspaper, and I will be working in their classified department.  I will be selling ad space in the newspaper, and online.  Though my bosses really want me to focus on the online portion and expand that.  The job should be enjoyable and will pay fairly well.  I am blessed with the opportunity, and am looking forward to returning to my roots in SE Iowa.

Of course, this means leaving Nashville.  Middle Tennessee has been my home since 2004 and it will be bittersweet moving.  I have grown up a lot here.  I have made many good friends that I will miss.  I got married here.  And divorced here.  I learned to love hockey here.  I got to work in a field I loved (music) and didn’t know I would love (missions).  I am a part of a church that has grown me a challenged me in so many ways, and become an extended family.  I got a lot closer to God and that’s a direct result of the church and the pastor, Darren.  I have a small group at the church that I have loved being a part of.  I found a men’s group in Middle TN that did fellowship like it should be done.  And I will miss all of that.  But I do feel God has called me to this new venture.  And I head back to Iowa with no trepidation.  I will work to keep this updated when I move. And if you’re ever in Iowa, let me know.  It will be great to see old friends.  God bless!

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