A Scout’s life

So a big part of my trip here has been spent in reflection. I am slowly starting to remember who I am. Confused? I am, too, a bit. But bear with me. We’ll work it out. Lately I’ve been thinking of my time in the Boy Scouts. Next to my faith, that is the biggest part of what has shaped me. And the two go hand in hand. Jesus said love other people. The Scouts say do a good turn daily. The Scout oath says, “On my honor I will do my duty to GOD and country…”. The Scout law reminds us to be reverent. And the skills I learned there have served me well over the years. The other day, I tied a taut-line hitch, one of the knots every Scout should know. I’ve used first aid to test shock after someone had a heart attack. The most difficult thing I’ve ever accomplished has been my Eagle rank, and it’s something I am immensely proud of. 2% of all Scouts become Eagles. It takes a lot of hard work. Most importantly, the skill Scouts teach boys how to be is a good man. It’s a well rounded education. We are taught first aid, good citizenship, environmental responsibility, leadership, and a slew of other useful items. Through merit badges, you can start figuring out what you truly are good at and enjoy doing. It’s a program I highly recommend to all boys. I am very thankful for the Scoutmaster I had, Terry Lile, and all the assistants. You all helped mold me into a man. I enjoyed the program so much, that after I turned 18, I stayed on as an assistant Scoutmaster for a while. I haven’t been actively involved since moving to Tennessee, but I aim to rectify that. Wherever God sees fit to place me after Haiti, I want to start giving back. I want to help raise good young me though the Scouts. I want to help others see the benefits that I derived from it. I am sure I can find a troop that needs more help wherever I end up. And men, even if you weren’t a Scout, if you have a passion for helping boys become outstanding men, visit BSA.org to find out where you can volunteer. I’m going to leave you with the Scout law. It’s good for all of us:

A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. And yes, Terry, I did that from memory, even after all these years!

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One thought on “A Scout’s life

  1. A scoutmaster lives a couple doors down from me.

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