A short note…

One of the thing I struggle with most in life is a feeling I’m never quite good enough. I have a hard time seeing myself as anything buy awkward and a screw up. I know so many more people qualified to go do missions than I am. Why did God pick me? I don’t know I’ll ever know in this lifetime. I do know I can take solace in the fact that He is made great because I certainly am not. Any good I do is because of Him. Certainly not because of me. Actually, that might be why He chose me. His strengths will be magnified in my weakness. That’s a good thing.

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One thought on “A short note…

  1. Dude, you are definitely not a screw up man! You’re such a incredible man of God who has tons of purpose and a great friend! 🙂 God’s got ya going to these places because He knows you will do it. That right there is why he chooses you.

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