A Letter to Dad


Today is Father’s Day.  I wanted to take the opportunity to put fingers to keyboard and share with you everything you’ve meant to me over these 31+ years.  I certainly wouldn’t be the man I am today without your influence.  From the day I was born (I assume….the first 3 years of my life are a little fuzzy…but Mom says it’s true, so I will assume it is) you’ve loved me.  There have been plenty of times I times I surely didn’t deserve it.  I know I tried your patience at times.  But no matter who bad things got, you were still there.  I’ll never forget that.  You did a lot of things that dads should do.  You came to little league games and Boy Scout events.  As I got older that turned into high school basketball.  I don’t think, in 4 years, you missed a home game and made a good bit of road games, too.  You taught me how to drive (that may be responsible for a good chunk of they gray hairs you have…) Heck, you even helped start a Scout Troop until I was able to find one that was a better fit.  The Eagle award wouldn’t have been possible without you.  As I got older, the dynamic of our relationship changed.  We got closer as we got older.  I now get to look at you as a friend.  I am entirely blessed to have you as a friend.  I genuinely enjoy spending time with you.  Wether we are going to a ball game or a concert or hockey, I am always excited to get to do that stuff with you.  I won’t soon forget singing “Hey Jude” poorly with 17,000 other people at Paul McCartney nor celebrating the Preds series-ending win against Anaheim this year.  You have supported me so much in my life.  You were there when Chrissy left.  Heck, it affected the business and you never admonished me for that.  Just loved me through it.  Even tough love when necessary.  But I wouldn’t have made it through without you.  For everything you’ve been to me over the years, I want to thank you .  I love you and am proud to be your son.

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