A year remembered

So I start this post at 11:39 on December 7.  21 minutes until my 31st birthday.  I spent today remembering the last year.  I actually just went back and read what I wrote for turning thirty and had a funny moment.  I wrote at that time,

“I actually am looking forward to my thirties. I feel this is a time of a new beginning. Like God is going to do a lot for me (heck, he didn’t start Jesus’ ministry until he was 30…so if it’s good for Him, it ought to be good for me).”

Of course, I had no idea what that would entail.  I was fully expecting music ministry to be a part of it.  How could I know that a barely a month later, Haiti would have an earthquake that would change the lives of so many, myself included?  The job that I was excited about in December?  Ended. As usual, He knew more than me.  He needed me free to go and serve.  So serve I went.  I am not going to recap those months here.  i have written plenty about that and you can go back and read that if you please.  But I will say it was a three months that completely altered my reality.  “Live simply so that others can simply live” was no longer a buzz phrase, if you will, but something I actually understood.  I saw abject poverty every day.  Yet I saw how happy these people were, despite circumstances.  It was freeing, to be honest.

Ok, I know.  I promised I wouldn’t recap.  This is actually a time I want to look ahead.  I’ve been remaking myself this past year and there are things I want to continue.  I want to get in better shape.  The geek in me has discovered there are, in fact, apps for that.  I can get in shape and not spend a ton of money.  As I am getting older (my friend Shannon says wiser….you be the judge) I am starting to realize I need to take better care of myself.  I know, brilliant, huh?  I started this last year somewhat but I am gonna kick it into high gear, i believe.  Which leads me to the second thing I am planning for year 31.  Discipline.  I am going to start getting up at a good time every morning, even if I feel it doesn’t matter, since I work the late shift.  I am also going to make my bed every morning.  Make sure I read my Bible every day.  The little things.  I am also starting a series I found online to help with that discipline.  It’s called 30 days to a better man.  Now, some days of those 30 won’t apply, for one reason or another, but I will attempt to substitute something on those days.  For example, one of their suggestions is to update your resume, because you never know when you might need it.  Well, I just did that about 2 weeks ago.  Because I did.  I also intend on blogging about what I do, so keep checking back here.  We’ll start tomorrow.

Ok, well, I think that will do it tonight.  I am going to bed so I can get up and start tomorrow.  Actually, exercise starts Thursday.  We don’t work out on the birthday.  Yes, I know.  My discipline needs discipline.  It should be a fun year.


Side note:  I get people that ask if I am going back to Haiti a lot.  Yes, I am going for a week spring 2011.  And hopefully a week in fall 2011.  But what I am really aiming towards is sometime in 2012 to be down there on a semi-permanent basis.  Maybe 2 months on, 2 months off.  Not 100% sure on that yet. But it’s definitely on my heart to do it.  I am working at getting out of debt so I have completely nominal expenses so I can do it.  Paying those debts off is part of the discipline. Prayers will be appreciated on this.  God bless!

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One thought on “A year remembered

  1. Kathy Holeton

    I am proud of you & you can’t get out of debt soon enough for me. I want you back here soon!

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