I am writing this with 30 minutes to spare on Thursday, November 25.  Thanksgiving for all my American friends.  And to my Canadian friends, real countries don’t celebrate it in October (kidding…love all of you).  My mom has once again prodded me into blogging (are we sensing a pattern here?).  So I figured I will be sharing what I am thankful for and a couple other things.  So here we go.

I am thankful for my family.  They put up with a lot of crap from me and still love me.  Even when I don’t really deserve it.  Or at least feel like I don’t.  My parents are two of the most awesome people in the world.  I love my brother and can’t wait to meet my nephew next month.  I am thankful for some incredible friends.  I am starting to realize they care for me for who I am not what I can do.  Since moving, I have heard from more of them than I thought just letting me know they miss me.  I am thankful for a job.  I am able to pay the bills and am slowly getting out of debt.  Slower than I thought, but it is what it is.  Of course, the fact that I have a good job doesn’t preclude me from still looking back in TN.  That’s home.  Virginia just doesn’t feel like it.  But I can afford to be a little more selective.  I have a job right now I really enjoy.  I am thankful for a merciful God.  He’s helped me through a lot this year.  We laid some old demons to rest.  I still have some to work on, like we all do, but I’m getting there.  I am immensely grateful for the country of Haiti.  You gave me a purpose.  One I had been searching for.  Never expected it.

Ok, recent things that have gone in my life?  My iPhone broke.  needs a new LCD screen.  I can do it all for $50 myself.  $50 more to send it off and get fixed.  Attempted fixing it when I thought it was just the glass.  But it’s the actual LCD screen.  So I am sans my iPhone.  Using an el cheapo phone that my fried Shannon sent me to use (also very thankful for that) in the mean time.  I am leaning towards letting someone else do it.  Then it’s guaranteed to be fixed.  So anyone who wants to donate to my cause can message me :D.

Ok, one more bit of news.  I am starting a blogging series!  Now, it likely won’t be until January.  As it kinda really works as New years resolutions.  Which I never really do.  But these are some things that I was really leaning towards anyway.  They’ve been a while coming as I have been growing over the last year.  Kinda excited.  We’ll see.  I may start sooner.  Ok, that’s it.  I’m tired.  goodnight.

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One thought on “Thankful

  1. Kathy Holeton

    You make me smile. :). Love you

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