Once more, with feeling

Hey all.  Happy Memorial Day.  Before we get into our not-so-regluarly-scheduled blog with all sorts of sarcastic comments and somewhat witty remarks (or, in a couple of instances, actual insightfulness!), I want to take the opportunity to thank any one who has served in the military for the country I love and call home.  Both of my grandfathers served in Korea and my Uncle Jim was in the Air Force.  I have the utmost respect for anyone who has put on a uniform and served.  God bless each and every one of you.  I think about you often, and I want to let you know my prayers are with you always.

OK, so painting.  We started painting last Monday.  And apparently did’t get the mix right, so what we started had to be redone.  Pastor Rodrigue wasn’t happy with the color when he saw it, and since it’s his house, well, it makes sense he ought to like it.  Thankfully there is a guy that goes to the church that mixed the paint for the house that the color ideas where taken from, so he came over today and sowed us how much of what colors to use.  Now I know what a few of you are thinking.  A week went by before he came over?  Yeah.  It’s the rainy season.  And it rained all last week.  Painting n rain just doesn’t work.  But we got started again today, and everyone seems happy with the color this time around.

So what did I do with my down time last week?  Well, I figured I would need a job after I get back from Haiti so I started looking for one.  The process is a little slow.  I was hoping someone would email me with “I love your resume.  You start July 1!”  But that didn’t happen.  Not that I expected it to (though that would have been awesome.)  I have a couple that I think are interested in me, just talking to people that work for them (SO much easier finding a job if you know someone already employed there).  Both of those would require moving.  Which I am ok with if it’s God’s will.  Both of those would be good jobs, which is all I’m really looking for.  Other options involve a cdl and driving a tour bus.  I am confident God will open the right door.  I have a lot of friends in Tennessee, and it would be difficult to leave, but God knows my needs.  And if my needs are met elsewhere, so be it.  He’ll take care of me.

Ok, one last report.  The walls and roof are on at the new church.  They should be pouring the floor soon.  Got to have service in the new building yesterday.  Pretty cool!

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