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Hey everyone. Haven’t written for a while and figured I ought to let you know what’s going on. Especially since the last blog wasn’t exactly talking about Haiti projects. Last week was almost a “lost” week. With no paint I kept asking what could be done, and was told they had no other projects for me at that time. But that didn’t keep me from doing nothing. Thursday, the cargo container Angel Food Ministries sent down was delivered. Everything got stuck into Pastor Rodrigue’s house. I started going through what I could. There was 900 lbs of rice! At least 60 containers of cooking oil! There’s enough stuff to keep Restoration Ministries going for quite a while. I will be organizing while I am painting. The plan is to paint a room, clean it, and put away stuff that belongs in that room. I have zero desire to move all those boxes, etc 5 or 6 times.

Friday, I went to Port Au Prince to pick up Little Nick. Nick was here when I got here with Forward Edge, another ministry that hooked up with Restoration Ministries. Their focus is almost exclusively construction-related. He and I clicked, and he wanted to come back down to help out. He is here kind of as a “free agent missionary;” not with any group, per se, but here to help out any way possible. He is sharing a room with me here, and will mostly assist me and the Conduit/Restore Haiti teams, but occasionally will be farmed out to other mission groups, such as helping out our friends over with Mentor Leaders (Caleb and Caleb).

On Saturday, I got a call from Fedony. He was on the roof at the Loving Light and told me to come up and say hi to the new Forward Edge team. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised there would be more “blancs” here. I came upstairs and introduced myself to the team. It’s a small team, and I made the decision that we would help them during their week. This is a diverse team from across the country, and includes a couple of Iowans! I don’t even hold it against them they are Cyclone fans, when everyone knows real Iowans root for the Hawkeyes. There’s also an architect from Springfield, MO, a dentist from Brooklyn, NY (yep, I talked to her about coming on a Conduit trip and doing a dental clinic), and an engineer for Intel from Redding, CA. Like I said, diverse. The real fun with this team came when they shared their itinerary with me. They were tasked with building the new church. Monday morning, demo started. The old church was torn down. For those that were here and saw the new walls started, that’s the dimensions of the new church. The new church will more than double the size of the current church. Needless to say, I am pretty stoked to be doing this. We’ve helped clear the rubble, prep the floor for new concrete, and will be doing a lot of other stuff. God is doing some awesome stuff down here. I joked with Pastor Rodrigue that God must love him, since he’s getting a new house and a new church building. Of course, the reason both are being built has nothing to do with him, even though he’s a blessing to the community. Both the house and church will be used to further God’s kingdom in Jacmel.

Well, that about catches us up. Excited to be here, though I am starting to get antsy about being home. It may not help my mom reminds me nearly every day how much longer before I get home. I am also excited that God is starting to clear up some things about when I do get home. Don’t know 100%, but it’s starting to clear up a bit. For those who suffered through my last blog, God is doing a lot in me in that area. I almost feel that I am getting ready for a reboot on life. That it’s me, version 2.0. A better version, if you will. Starting to get an understanding on God’s plan. It’s a good thing.

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