Yesterday was the most awesome day ever

Good morning, dear readers.  I trust you are well.  Yesterday was an absolutely incredible day.  I will get to that in a moment, but do want to confirm that Team 2 is home and Team 3 is safe and sound in Jacmel.  Excited for this team.  Looking forward to accomplishing a lot.  Ok, so yesterday.  Got up, went to the church.  We fixed a bunch of wobbly tables.  We had built some but needed some additional lumber to secure them.  Got the wood, fixed the tables.  We also went over to the house we’ve been building to see what we could do.  The bunk beds that were scheduled to be built will still be built.  They will just be stored until they can be moved in (hoping that we don’t have to take them apart later on to move them).  we have several people that know how to tile here.  However, the way they do it is they don’t start with a smooth surface and then lay tile in grout.  They pour a bunch of cement and then lay tile in the cement.  We recommended that pastor just pay them to do it, because he’d have to pay them to smooth the floor for us first, and then buy more material to get the tile to stick.  That would end up costing him almost as much as paying them to tile it their way.

We had an opportunity to play with the kids off-and-on yesterday.  I absolutely love getting to do that.  Jemica, the little girl I sponsor, is a diva in the making.  She constantly makes me laugh.  After all of that yesterday, and helping with the feeding program, we came back to the hotel.  Some people went back to church last night to help teach some worship stuff, but I ended with a free night.  Managed to score a cheeseburger!  So incredibly stoked!  It wasn’t anywhere close to the best burger I’ve ever had, but when you’re craving one, it was great.  Shared a little of my burger and most of my fries with Audrey, who was also here at the hotel.

What made yesterday the most special, though, was a gift from Christen Cole, who is on this team.  She works with the kids at Brentwood UMC in Brentwood, TN.  She was telling her First Graders about Haiti and told them I was going to be here for 3 Months.  They made cards for me.  I was so touched!

Later last night, I had a chance to talk with my mom on the phone.  Definitely miss my parents.  She told me my grandpa has to go in for heart valve replacement surgery next Friday, so if you all could pray for that, I’d be appreciated.

Also, definitely not going to be able to stay at the house in May (at least not until later in the month) so I will need to be in the hotel.  Please prayerfully consider continuing to support my time here.  Thanks, and God bless!

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