What an awesome day!

I don’t quite know where to start today.  It was such an amazing day!  We started this morning by heading to the church.  They are building onto it, as there are so many people coming!  God is definitely moving in this community.  We helped carry concrete blocks and buckets of mortar for them.  We also talked a lot about their building techniques.  They don’t interlock the blocks so the walls are not strong.  The master builder at the site is Dominican, and over there they build things right.  He is frustrated he has to build the Haitian way.  Apparently there ARE building codes in Haiti, but they are way wrong.  We are trying to work to get it done the right way.  Their way just killed 1 Million Haitians, but they are very prideful people and it is a struggle to get them to see there are better, safer ways of doing things.

Next we got to see the land Conduit is purchasing for Restoration Ministries.  It is about perfect!  Plenty of room to grow, as Pastor says once they build, other people will want to sell them land.  Will be building a school, clinic, and feeding center for the 300 (!) kids they are feeding there.  Very excited to be building that this year!  We also got to assist in the feeding program today.  We brought food to the kids.  It amazes me how these kids wait for everyone to be served and Pastor to pray before they eat, even though it is likely the only food they will get that day.

Side note…Forgot that before we went to the church, we visited a local school.  Joy shared with the classes.  Ever the teacher…  Kids loved having heir picture taken and were fascinated by my iPhone.  Yep, it’s even cool in Haiti.

My favorite part of the day occurred at the church this morning.  I got to see the child I sponsor, Jemica.  When Pastor told her I was the one who sponsored her (made sure she got food and clothes and will get to go to school when she is older, she came up and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  I absolutely melted.  Made me so happy!  I know I am just one person, but I get to make a difference in her life.  If you want to know more about sponsoring a child, visit http://www.restorehaiti.com.  If I remember how, I’ll add a link to the right.

Ok, long day tomorrow.  I am tearing down a house that was damaged in the earthquake and isn’t safe.  Therefore, I should sleep.  I did add a new Pic of Jemica.  Hope you enjoy!

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One thought on “What an awesome day!

  1. amanda taylor

    such a cute little girl how awesome you got to meet her! good luck tearing down the house 🙂

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